Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Not So Wise Owl

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Author: Robert James Parfett
Illustrator: Sarah-Leigh Wills
Graphics: Simon Hopkins
ChildrensStoryPublishers.com  2015

Review request from 'Authors Large & Small' and RJ Parfett.
Reviewed copy kindly sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Back of Book:
"The other oak dwellers at first
 couldn't see what was wrong with
the funny old owl in the tree."

Find out what has happened to poor Owl in this amusing tale of life in an oak tree. Will Owl ever be wise again?

Imagine you're a woodland creature in a predicament...you've got a serious problem (let's face it, Mother Nature isn't always in a good mood.) So, what do you do? Who can you turn to for some wisdom and advice? 

Sunday 27 March 2016

Rory's Story Cubes

The Creativity Hub Rory's Story Cubes
not suitable for children under 36 months
A slight diversion from picture books, but a wonderful resource tool for your classroom or handbag, and one I have to share :)

Saturday 26 March 2016

Sharky Marky Books

Sharky Marky and the Big Race (Book1)

  • Written by : Lance Olsen Illustrated by : Thomas Perry 
  • Publisher: Olsen Images LLC; 1 edition (September 30, 2014)
  • Reviewed copy: PDF * version provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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