Social Skills

A collection of books to support social learning.  

I just recently opened this list and will be selecting new books as I go along (for now, its early days for me! ) 
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Hello Roara! Roara the dinosaur cannot understand why the other dinosaurs scurry away when she roars and wags her tail. With some advice from a brave little friend, she learns how to manage her social skills and be part of the group. 

The Worst Day of My Life Ever! RJ has a bad day & with his mother's help realises that, by being an active listener, life could be easier!

Good Choices A program of short stories helping children to think about behaviour, choices and how to solve problems. An excellent resource and a great tool for group work or the PSHE/SPHE curriculum

Trumpety Trump! The rhyming story of an elephant lacking in social graces (this story includes bottom burps)

Bella the Story Teller the story of a little chatter box who learns that it' important to listen too!

Two Speckled Eggs : a story about friendship, acceptance and inclusive play 

Love Monster & the Last Chocolate :a funny story with a cute message about sharing

Making Friends: Citizenship A book with descriptions of friendship and friendly behaviour.

Being Responsible : Citizenship Straight forward examples of responsible behaviour at home or in the community.

Are you a boy or are you a girl? A great book for circle time discussion, 'Are You A Boy Or Are You a Girl?' explores gender roles and stereo types.

Whiffy Wilson the Wolf who wouldn't go to school A great read for little ones who are nervous about going to school. Rhyming text, gorgeous illustrations.

The Cloud
A simple story with a lovely message about reaching out to others,  inclusive play , perseverance & creativity.

Being Fair (citizenship series)

Straight forward examples about fair behaviour in school and community settings.

Following Rules (citizenship series)

Another book from the 'Citizenship series' giving clear examples of how to follow the rules in school, at home and in the community. 

Tom's Special Talent

A positive message about each person's unique characteristics/ learning styles with a brief explanation about dyslexia. 

Back to School Tortoise
A comforting read for children who may feel worried or anxious about returning to school.

The Night Iceberg

 A sweet story with a subtle message about the joys of sharing. Little Tofta's baby brother is a bit of an inconvenience-he messes with her toys and books.A magical adventure on an iceberg helps Tofta to be less reluctant about sharing with others.

On Sudden Hill

Birt & Etho are like peas in a pod....then Shu arrives and the dynamics change. A  beautifully illustrated story about friendship & imaginative play.

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