Saturday 18 March 2017

Alphonse, That Is Not OK To Do!

Written & illustrated by Daisy Hirst
First published by Walker Books 2016, this edition 2017
Free copy provided by Walker Books in exchange for an honest review.
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Back: Natalie MOSTLY likes having Alphonse around, but when she catches him EATING her FAVOURITE book, well......THAT is NOT OK!

The story of two monster siblings- Natalie is the big sister and Alphonse the baby brother. 'Mostly' Natalie doesn't mind having a little brother- he's good company when it comes to playing on the bunk beds, having story time and making things. Sometimes though, Alphonse draws on Natalie's things and that bugs her....AND she really hates it when he eats her stuff.
One day, things just aren't going right for Natalie- it's peas for lunch, the TV is awful and her Mum compliments her on her doggy drawing, but it's actually a horse. It's the final straw when Natalie discovers Alphonse under her bed, munching on her favourite book. Oh dear. 
She decides to hide behind a chair, drawing an angry tornado, two giant beasts, a swarm of peas and a very small Alphonse. When Alphonse comes to her later &  suggests fixing her book gives him the silent treatment, covers her ears & goes for her bath (in a bit of a huff.)

But, while she is winding down with her rubber ducky, outside she hears a bit of a commotion- roaring, screeching and a terrible clatter.Oh no! Natalie feels a sense of panic and wonders if her angry drawing has come to little Alphonse being swept away in a tornado, chased by screeching beasts and drowning in a storm of frozen peas?! 

Turns out, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all the disturbance and Alphonse, in his efforts to fix Natalie's book, has had a few little mishaps. 

A heartwarming story capturing some of the ups and downs of sibling life. Alphonse and Natalie are two adorably cute monster characters, one a flash of red with fluffy ears, the other a pint-sized blue with pointed ears and sharp teeth (perfect for chewing.)  The illustrations and font have a child-like quality , with just enough text per page to keep the attention of a young child. 

A simple, charming story about childhood relationships, conflict, forgiveness and resolution.

Happy Reading,
Missus B