Monday 21 December 2015

Crocopotamus:Mix and Match the Wild Animals!

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Words & Pictures: Mary Murphy
Walker Books/ Baby Walker 2015
Reviewed copy: my own.

Back of book:
A mix and match book to share with your baby
Create different animals for imaginative play
High contrast illustrations for visual stimulation
The start of a lifelong love of books

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Wednesday 9 December 2015

How Are You Feeling Today?

Written by Molly Potter
Illustrated by Sarah Jennings
Featherstone Education
An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing 2014

Reviewed copy: Hardback, my own.

Back of Book:
Children have strong feelings, and they can't always handle them very well. Every parent knows what it's like to cope with an angry, hurt or wildly over-excited child. Perfect for sharing,How are you feeling today?is packed with fun, imaginative ways to help children understand and cope with emotions. This delightful book gives you the tools you and your child need to deal with those feelings-without it all ending in tears!

Ideal for starting conversations between you and your child about emotions.
Helps your child to recognise and deal with a range of emotions.
Accessible to children as young as six.
Includes a guide for parents and carers explaining about emotional literacy.
Acknowledges positive emotions as well as negative ones.

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