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I am new to the world of blogging, but hope to add to this list over time :)

Picken:Mix & Match the Wild Aimals A split-page board book featuring farm animals and wacky animal hybrids. Great fun for toddlers & preschoolers

Wilderness : An Interactive Atlas of Animals A beautiful, fact filled book with flaps, turn wheels and inset booklets. Bursting with interesting facts about the animal kingdom and various habitats from around the world.

Who's Hiding? -cleverly designed, beautiful art work. Try to spot the animal hidden within the nature scene- fold out the extendable page to see who has been hiding. Hang on a second- how did that carrot turn into a bunny?!

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go a beautiful rhyming book with peek-a-boo cut out pages.Beautifully illustrated and a book to be treasured, this story describes nature, wildlife and weather. 

Art Parts : A Child's Introduction to the Elements of Art : a lovely book describing the elements of art -includes some blank pages which the child can personalize with their own art work. 

Rory's Story Cubes Not actually a picture book- but a great, interactive game where children generate their own stories at the toss of a cube. Lovely concept & endless possibilities!

Living with Mum & Living with Dad: My Two Homes :a simple, lift the flap book explaining in straight-forward terms, what it is like to live between two homes. A light introduction to parental separation.

Crocopotamus: Mix and Match the wild animals!
A split-page board book featuring wild animals that readers can mix and match to create new wacky animals. Durable board pages make it baby-proof, while its sense of fun and play with words make it an appealing book for older children also.

Is there a dog in this book? An absolute gem. Lift-the-flap advanced style! A very cleverly designed, quirky book. Younger children will enjoy its funny story, while older children will also appreciate it's clever design.Includes video review by me and a child.

There are cats in this book

From the same series above, meet 3 playful cats who want to play with you, the reader. Get ready for hide n seek & a pillow fight!Includes video review.

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