A collection of books which celebrate family life or touch on specific issues such as family change or parental separation.  
Please do pop in again as I will be adding to this list over time :)

Living with Mum & Living with Dad: My Two Homes :a simple, lift the flap book explaining in straight-forward terms, what it is like to live between two homes. A light introduction to parental separation.

The Family Book : A fun, colourful book with lots of different family types, highlighting how family make-ups can be varied, while there are things all families have in common.

Are you a boy or are you a girl? A great book for circle time discussion, 'Are You A Boy Or Are You a Girl?' explores gender roles and stereo types as we read about the character Tiny and Tiny's family life

Daddy, Papa, and Me
A rhyming board-book describing play activities between a toddler and his two Dads

Mommy, Mama, and Me 
'Mommy, Mama and Me' is a rhyming board book which describes typical day-to-day, family interactions in the home of child with same sex parents.

Meet the Parents
A comical, rhyming story about the glorious and grubby side of parenting. A lovely tribute to all parents and a thank you for being 'useful!' Includes video reviews- by me and a child.

A touching story about parental separation, written in beautiful rhyming format. A supportive resource for the young child experiencing family change.Includes video review.

There's a new baby in the house and a certain little monster is causing some trouble! This is an oldie- but I love it!

Little Lucy's Family : A story about adoption

A young girl describes her experience as an adopted child. A lovely story which may be a valuable support tool for children, parents or professionals.

The Night Iceberg

There's a new baby in Tofta's house and she has to learn to share. It takes a night time adventure on an iceberg to teach this little girl about the joys of sharing with others.

Too Many Tickles

A cute read which celebrates the playfulness of family life. Story features siblings, mother, father , grandparents and family pets.

Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble

A little frog is not happy about having nine new tadpole siblings. A charming, short story about family change.

Michael Rosen's SAD BOOK

A touching, personal story about life after the death of a loved one

The Colour Thief: A family's story of depression: A child describes his father's depression & the impact it has on he & his family. A compassionate tale with a hopeful ending.

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