A collection of books which may tickle your funny bone!
It's early days in my bloggy world, so bear with me as I add to this list.

Don't Call Me Chocchie Pooh! A pampered pooch tells us she just wants to get muddy & chase sticks like a proper dog. Hilarious story with wonderful illustrations.

The Perfect Guest: Walter the dog and Pansy the squirrel- the story of two friends with very different personalities. A funny, charming read. 

Picken: Mix & Match the Farm Animals Features 7 farm animals but it's clever split-page design means you can come up with some wacky animal hybrids of your own.

Crocopotamus: Mix and Match the wild animals!
A split-page board book featuring wild animals that readers can mix and match to create new wacky animals. Durable board pages make it baby-proof, while its sense of fun and play with words make it an appealing book for older children also.

Betty Goes Bananas Betty wants to eat her banana and gets the  grumps when she can't peel it. This amusing little ape sure can be a diva.

How Many Legs? A rhyming, counting treat of a read full of hilarious animal characters and comical detail.

Trumpety Trump! The rhyming story of an elephant lacking in social graces (this story includes bottom burps)

Love Monster & the Last Chocolate :a funny story with a cute message about sharing

Underpants Wonderpants Thank goodness for Y Fronts! A superhero, a surplus stock of underwear, rhyming text and fun illustrations make this a great read-aloud.

Vegetable Glue
Hilarious rhyming story reminding readers to eat their veg- otherwise your bits may fall off! A Missus B favourite. Includes video review.

Is there a dog in this book?
A clever, interactive book with 3 scaredy cats and one cute puppy. Includes video review by me and a child.

There are cats in this book

A fun interactive story, with three playful cats

Shoe Dog

A  story cute little puppy who cannot resist sniffing out and chewing shoes.

Don't Call Me Sweet!

A frustrated little monster is fed up with the big monsters calling him 'sweet' Includes video review.

Oi Frog!

Funny rhyming tale about animals and their special sitting places.Includes video review.

I Dare You Not To Yawn
Watch out- this book will bring out a fit of the giggles along with a fit of yawning!

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