Included here are some books I have used to help develop emotional literacy or support children with particular feelings.
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Feelings Inside My Heart and In My Head A peep through book with rhyming text explaining emotions using metaphors and dream-like ilustrations

Peter & Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story : The story of two adults affected by mental illness. Includes simple, clear language & descriptions about depression, bi-polar disorder & recovery. 

The Colour Thief: A family's story of depression: A child describes his father's depression & the impact it has on he & his family. A compassionate tale with a hopeful ending.

How Are You Feeling Today? A dip-in book, helping children to recognize & deal with a range of emotions. Ideal as part of the SPHE/PSHE curriculum.

Betty Goes Bananas -Betty wants to eat her banana and gets the  grumps when she can't peel it. This amusing little ape sure can be a diva- a funny look at toddler tantrums. 

Good Choices A program of short stories helping children to think about behaviour, choices and how to solve problems. An excellent resource and a great tool for group work or the PSHE/SPHE curriculum

Meh! A story about Depression A wordless picture book which gives insight to the feelings associated with childhood depression

What to Do When You Worry Too Much : a supportive work book for a child who experiences anxiety

Feelings Series: Angry A great book to help develop emotional literacy & explore feelings.Very cute illustrations!

The Huge Bag of Worries A  great book for prompting discussion about feelings, anxiety and the benefits of seeking adult support.

The Cloud A simple story with a lovely message about reaching out to others, inclusive play, perseverance & creativity.

Worries Go Away A lovely message about reaching out for help/support at times when we are worried.

Back to School Tortoise 
A comforting read for children who may feel worried or anxious about returning to school.

Michael Rosen's SAD BOOK A touching, personal story about life after the death of a loved one

Mum and Dad Glue A touching story about parental separation, written in beautiful rhyming format. A supportive resource for the young child experiencing family change.Includes video review.

When Something Terrible Happens A supportive work book to help children cope with grief/loss

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