Saturday 1 April 2017


Text Mac Barnett, Illustrations Jon Klassen
Walker Books 2017
Complimentary copy provided by Walker Books in exchange for an honest review.
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Back: This book is about Triangle. One day Triangle leaves his house to play a sneaky trick on his friend. Or at least that is Triangle's plan.
Peeking furtively out of his triangular front door,Triangle has a cunning plan. We don't know what it is yet, but he is willing to walk a long way to play a 'sneaky trick' on Square. A shape on a mission, he steals past shapes of various sizes until he arrives in a neighbourhood full of squares.
Hiding outside Square's house, he hisses like a sneaky snake. Poor Square has a fear of snakes. Wide-eyed and panicked,he shouts at the ten million creatures he imagines to be waiting on his door step.
On hearing Square's fearful voice, Triangle cannot keep up his ruse and bursts out with laughter. Realising he's been tricked, angry Square chases Triangle all the way home again. When he's just about to catch this pointy trickster, suddenly Square gets stuck in the triangular shaped door. Oh dear!
Triangle is feeling rather smug about the situation until he realises that his home is now filled with darkness. And guess what? Triangle is afraid of the dark. Lesson learned?

Triangle as a book will stand out on any book shelf.  No glossy colours or busy details here, the stylish front cover simply has a large, charcoal triangle with two wide eyes peering out. It's only when you open the cover and see the inner sleeve that the title of the book is confirmed- yes, of course, it's about a triangle.
With earthy, muted tones set against a cream background, the simplicity of Triangle is intriguing for readers. To match it's quiet illustrations, the story is uncomplicated and steadily paced. While the characters are simply drawn, their wide eyes are expressive. My (almost) 3 year old was able to identify the feelings portrayed- "He looks scared....He looks grumpy" he commented. Perplexed, he also asked "What's sneaky Mommy?" 😏 
Introducing the concepts of shape and size, the pictures offer discussion about small, medium and large. My son particularly enjoyed seeing how the square shape wouldn't fit through the triangular door. 
With lessons about friendship, behaviour and feelings, minimalist pictures and some shifty comedy, 'Triangle' makes for a great read. 

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