A short list so far, but I will continue to add books to this section. If you have any recommendations for my list, please let me know, thanks!

Will You Be My Friend? An excellent resource for parents and professionals. This dip-in style book helps children to reflect on social skills and learn about the key ingredients of friendly behaviour. A valuable tool to support social learning.

Hello Roara! Roara the dinosaur cannot understand why the other dinosaurs scurry away when she roars and wags her tail. With some advice from a brave little friend, she learns how to manage her social skills and be part of the group.

The Things I Love About Friends Information about peer interactions and the skills/characteristics needed to develop friendships.

Iris and Isaac : two polar bears become grumpy when their snow nest isn't big enough for both of them. After some time apart, they realise how much they enjoy each other's company

Making Friends: Citizenship : a simple picture book explaining how to be a good friend

Two Speckled Eggs: a story about friendship, acceptance, inclusive play and a very special birthday party.

On Sudden Hill : a story about two little boys and how the dynamics in friendships can change. Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to someone new joining a group!

The Cloud : the story of  a little lonely girl who needs someone to reach out to her so she can feel part of her art class.

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