Monday 21 December 2015

Crocopotamus:Mix and Match the Wild Animals!

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Words & Pictures: Mary Murphy
Walker Books/ Baby Walker 2015
Reviewed copy: my own.

Back of book:
A mix and match book to share with your baby
Create different animals for imaginative play
High contrast illustrations for visual stimulation
The start of a lifelong love of books

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Crocopotamus: Mix and match the wild animals!
caught my eye at the book shop and I just couldn't pass it by. It's bold, vivid illustrations are hard to resist while the slightly open split-page cover, welcomes you to peek inside.

Mary Murpphy
 split pages give a little glimpse of what's inside......
There are seven main animals featured in the book, each one a delightful splash of colour and fun. However, because of it's lovely design you can mix and match the pages to make up lots more of your own animals.... the possibilities are endless!

What do you get when you cross a Lion and a Monkey? A Likey!
As a board book, the pages are sturdy,  durable and easy for little hands to manipulate.
While this book has been published as a 'Baby Walker', the animal hybrids and playful vocabulary will most definitely appeal to older children.The pre-schoolers  I've shared this with, have loved its wackiness.

The scrambling of words is a fun way of developing language skills- it encourages children to think about the form and meaning of words,  while learning about sounds and syllables. By segmenting and blending, children tune in to the structure of spoken language, while feeling inspired to come up with their own animal hybrids.
We had lots of fun talking about the animal hybrids: Would a 'Hippokey' be good at climbing trees? Where would it live? What would it eat?
In short, Crocopotamus is an interactive book with delightful illustrations. It's pages are baby-durable and it's wacky animal fun will appeal to older children-making this a good all-rounder book.
Thanks to my little Moomin who helped me with this review. He was a big fan of Mary Murphy's monkey!
Happy Reading,
Missus B

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