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Iris and Isaac

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Written and illustrated by CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal winner, Catherine Rayner
Little Tiger Press 2010
Reviewed edition: Library copy
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Iris and Isaac are NOT FRIENDS. Off they stomp, in a big bear huff, as far away from each other as possible. And as they stomp, they see funny, strange and wonderful things. If only they were together to share them....
A warm and touching story exploring friendship and the importance of sharing.

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Iris has made a 'snow nest' but it's not big enough for both she and Isaac to share. After some butt shoving, squishing and nudging between the two, unfortunately the nest gets squished.
Oh dear!
Feeling in a right old huff with each other....
....they storm off in opposite directions. 
 Perfectly Perturbed Polar Bears!
I love this double-page spread and the stretch of colours across the snow
 and the horizon.
Iris and Isaac love their snowy plains though, and with beautiful wildlife, glorious ice-caves and the amazing northern lights, it really is hard to stay grumpy.
Iris and Isaac book review
Iris was tramping grumpily across the smooth snow when she saw a flock of Eiders soaring high in the sky. "Look! It's the ducks!" she gasped. But Isaac was not there to see them.
Looking at this page, I can almost hear the sea-ducks noisily flapping as Iris
trudges quietly across the snow.  

Isaac spots some Arctic foxes playing together and feels a pang of loneliness. Elsewhere, Iris peers into a 'huge echoey ice cave' and thinks how much Isaac would love to see it "If only he was here."

A lonely Isaac admires the northern lights, wishing his friend Iris was there with him.

The story ends well of course- Iris and Isaac find each other again and, after their time apart, they realise how much they care for each other. Together, they build a snow nest for two, gently patting and nudging it into shape, until it is perfect for curling up inside. 

Rayner's illustrations are exquisite. Breathtaking natural beauty surrounds Iris and Isaac on each page- the stretch of smooth ice as they plod away from each other, the bluey greens of the watery ice-cave and the gentle, warm glow of the northern lights.Through their gait and posture, these lovely bears express a range of emotions -
grumpy, lonely, sad,thoughtful, excited, content and secure. They gracefully pad across the pages and the vastness of their habitat emphasises their loneliness when they are separate from each other. 

The text is large, clear and playful- changing in size and form to emphasize the feelings or activities within the story.

In short:
Iris and Isaac is a beautiful, simple story which offers discussion about friendship, compromise, sharing and togetherness. An ideal book as part of the SPHE/PSHE curriculum and a Missus B favourite :)

Happy Reading, 

Missus B

Want to know more about Polar Bears? Check out this wonderful resource site with facts, photographs, tracking maps and excellent lesson plans, here-  Polar Bears International

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