Saturday 2 January 2016

Trumpety Trump!

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Meet Elliot, the noisy elephant with the noisy behind!

Written by Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Adria Meserve
Scholastic Children's Books 2013
Reviewed copy: from resource shelf at work

Back of Book
Elliot Elephant used to be...RUDE!
He guzzled his drink and he gobbled his food.
And when he would trumpet, as elephants do,
He'd trumpety-trump from his bottom end too!

But Elliot soon learns 
that if you care for others
they'll care about you.

Missus B says..................

This is a laugh-out-loud book and a great Circle Time read.

Elliot is a happy-go-lucky elephant who is a tad clueless when it comes to social etiquette. 
He trundles about, noisily frightening the small animals, he splashes into the river soaking the other swimmers and his loud trumpeting wakes the snoozing baby birds.

Through wonderful rhyming text, we hear of Elliot's social blunders.....
He'd frighten the animals close to the ground
By charging and barging and crashing around.
He'd shake all the monkeys right out of their tree
By scratching his bottom too vigorously!
Poor Elliot- he doesn't notice the monkeys scattering away in a state of panic. He barely realises that his belly-flop has disturbed the others who've been quietly bathing in the river. And, unfortunately- when Elliot trumps, he does so from both ends....Oh dear!
That is one serious bottom burp...and a not-so happy hippo!
The other animals have had enough. When Elliot accidentally tramples on Mouse's house, she decides he needs a good talking to. Scampering up his tail and onto his back, she  grabs Elliot by the ear:

"Look, what is your problem, you big-footed beast?
Why can't you just watch
where you're going, at least?
Everyone thinks you're a nuisance, you know..."   [harsh!]
Then Elliot stared in surprise and said,
A Gentle Giant: Feeling sorry and embarrassed,
Elliot realises that he needs to think of others.
So after this little pep talk, Elliot makes some positive changes. He does less charging and barging, stops splashing and learns to scratch his behind in a more discreet fashion.

As for the rear end trumpety-trumps...well... they still happen. Some habits are hard to break I guess.

Trumpety Trump! is written in rhyming text and it's jaunty rhythm makes for a lovely read aloud. I am a big fan of rhyming stories and love how they invite listeners to chime in with a story, while supporting literacy skills. 

The illustrations are bright and lively with plenty of action on each page. There's a great collection of animals and insects to discuss, and the characters have expressive, comical faces. 

This story is a Circle Time favourite of mine. Children love the toilet humour- the pooting and butt scratching always brings on the giggles. There's also a nice message about friendship and respecting others.

Happy Reading, 
Missus B

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