Friday 29 July 2016

Who's Hiding?

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Concept & Illustration by Agnese Baruzzi
Templar Publishing 2015
Reviewed copy from my personal library.

Back of Book:

It's time for a game of hide and seek!

Try to guess who is hiding, then fold back the page to find out!

Just as Mother Nature manages to captivate us with her camouflage, so too does Agnese Baruzzi in this beautifully illustrated book. 
Cleverly designed, each page can be folded out to reveal an animal.A rabbit hides within the vegetable patch,there's a frog amongst some lily pads and a ladybug rests by the toadstools.
Great for one to one or a group, each animal is  introduced with a short 'Guess Who'? style rhyme.

Some thorny flowers in the grasses
Quiver as a creature passes.

Green and scaly, quick and sly-
Who tries to catch a butterfly?

Readers then must look at the bright illustrations, guess who's hiding and fold out the page to it's extended size to see the animal. Children love this magical aspect and when I share this with a group, everyone enjoys a turn at folding in and out the pages - there's something nicely satisfying about this hiding/revealing/folding/unfolding repetition.

With plenty of opportunities to discuss animals in their natural environment, we see how creatures can easily blend in with their surroundings. Children will have fun as they identify, match and compare patterns within nature.

Intriguing and attractive, this interactive story with playful rhyme is a treasure of a book and a Missus B favourite.

Happy Reading,
Missus B

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