Monday 29 August 2016

Wilderness: An Interactive Atlas of Animals

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Text : Hannah Pang
Illustrations: Jenny Wren
360 Degrees (an imprint of Caterpillar Books) 2016
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Back of book:
Welcome to a world of animals.
Embark on a journey to all four corners of the Earth and discover how animals survive and adapt to their environments.
From the tiny but tough leaf cutter ant to the majestic and mighty blue whale, there is so much to explore in this interactive atlas of animals, packed with facts and flaps to bring the natural world to life. 

Did you know that the the southern elephant seal weighs six times more than a polar bear.....or that at birth, a joey kangaroo is smaller than a cherry!?

Brimming with interesting facts and information, 'Wilderness' takes readers on 'an expedition through a world of nature filled with surprises.' Visit a rain-forest, go on safari, see the ocean, fresh waters, the desert, mountains, forests and polar regions. Readers will learn about various habitats and animals from around the globe. 

Hannah Pang Jenny Wren

The book's clever design makes for an interactive learning experience. With flaps to lift, pop ups, miniature booklets and wheels to turn, little fingers and minds are kept busy. The sophisticated paper engineering will appeal to your child's senses-  exploring and manipulating means that readers are both physically and mentally connecting with the book and it's content.Hannah Pang Jenny Wren
With over 100 animals featured, there's lots of information to digest and discuss, making Wilderness a perfect book to dip in and out of for story time and discussion.  Each double spread introduces a different habitat to explore -take a  'Rainforest Ramble', go on a 'Sea Search' or 'Trek to the Poles.' In an educational setting the book is a valuable resource when covering themes or lesson plans relating to habitats / animals.
Hannah Pang Jenny Wren
Readers learn  interesting facts about animals, insects and their natural living environments. Did you know that while tropical rain forests only cover about 6% of the Earth's surface they provide a home for half of the worlds plants and animals?

Beautifully illustrated, the animals and plants are represented in their true to life form in an array of soft colours. The book is a sturdy build with thick,card pages and a gloss finish -those little flaps, turn wheels and inset booklets are durable enough to handle plenty of little explorers. 

A lovely introduction to the animal kingdom, Wilderness is an informative & interesting read. A beautiful book, it is an ideal addition to any classroom library or perfect as a personal gift.

Happy Reading,
Missus B

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