Saturday 10 June 2017

Things To Do With Dad

Author & Illustrator : Sam Zuppardi
Walker Books 2017

Complimentary copy provided by Walker books in exchange for an honest review.
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 A mostly wordless picture book, 'Things to Do with Dad' is a day in the life of a father and son.  Starting their morning making breakfast together, the little boy broadly grins as Dad flips pancakes,setting the scene for a day of fun together.

But as Dad clears away the plates, both appear glum when the dreaded 'Things To Do' list is spotted on the kitchen fridge. With a list of chores including washing dishes, hoovering and hanging out laundry, it looks like Dad won't have much time for fun today! 
As he sets about his tasks,the little boy tries to join in....blowing bubbles while Dad washes the dishes, building a tower of blocks as Dad assembles a book shelf.....But soon he realizes that he's going to need a little more creativity to help turn this day around! 

Taking the chore list and making a few adjustments, the little boy comes up with some imaginative and fun ways of getting the housework done together. With his green crayon, he re-writes the chores and the remaining mundane tasks turn into shared games between father and son.While making the beds, the pair become pirates sailing a ship.With a little imagination, the clothes line becomes a circus tight-rope with an animal parade. Watering the garden becomes extra fun when the boy and his father imagine a wild jungle in their back yard!
With pencil and paint, the softly coloured pages are warmly energetic with a child-like quality. Featuring only the father and son characters, this wordless story shows how the ordinary can become the extraordinary. A lovely reminder that, with a few extra minutes of your time, those household tasks can also be an opportunity for play. 
Because the book is mostly wordless, it invites you and the child to discuss the pages and interpret what's happening- giving you a unique & personal story experience. My almost three your old loves this book (and chooses only to read it with his Dad!) Every 'read' of it is slightly different. Initially, he was the listener- enjoying hearing his Dad describing, explaining and commenting for each page. Familiar now with the story sequence, he has begun to 'tell' the story in his own words. He loves the pirate ship page and naming the circus animals as they teeter across the clothes line (especially the doggy in the tu-tu) 

A firm favourite in our home already, Things to Do With Dad has been pulled off the book shelf at least 10 times in the past week.

Happy reading,

Missus B x 


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