Wednesday 18 November 2015

Betty goes bananas

Written & illustrated by Steve Antony
Oxford University Press 2014

Back of book: 
Who would have thought a banana could cause such a BIG drama?

Reviewed edition: library copy
Plenty of bananas on the end pages for little ones who like to count
Toddlers- they are such wonderful little human beings....but when they flip the lid....well, that can be just plain scary.
Clenched fists, stiff limbs, kicking feet, gritted teeth....
Anyone who has observed these spectacular explosions of anger, will appreciate this book.

Triggers for these unpredictable outbursts can be bizarre, random or mundane. In Betty's case, the offending item is a banana.

The story has a simple beginning.....  
Betty was hungry.
She saw a banana.
She wanted to eat it.
So, we see the lovely Betty smiling as she makes her way towards the little yellow banana.
Seems like an everyday event in the life of a gorilla.

But, Betty's banana won't open. Oh dear.

At first, she's up for the challenge. She tries opening the banana with her hands, then her teeth...
and even her feet...
Unfortunately none of this works and calamity ensues, with the lovely Betty suddenly crying, kicking and screaming. To emphasise her anger, the background colour changes from mellow yellow to angry red. With playful large text we see that this little gorilla can make lots of noise.
Betty can turn on and off  the drama like the flip of a switch.
When she's calm, the friendly Mr. Toucan helps her by  peeling the banana but this causes another outburst. SHE wanted to peel the banana HERSELF (life is a cluster of contradictions when you're  a two year old gorilla.) Then, as soon as she has calmed herself down again, she is faced with the horror of her banana suddenly breaking in two....

The roller coaster of toddler life is comically captured in bold, bright and expressive illustrations. While there are few words in this book, there is lots of drama. An amusing read for toddlers and parents, Betty gives us a perfect example of what not to do when things aren't going your way. This book is a Missus B favourite.

Happy Reading,
Missus B

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