Saturday 28 November 2015

Love Always Everywhere

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Illustrations by Sarah Massini

Text by Nosy Crow
Published by Nosy Crow 2015

Back of Book:
From a kiss or a cuddle to sharing a giggle, there are lots of ways to show someone you care.
But whoever you love, and however you show it, don't forget that love is always everywhere. 

Reviewed copy: from my local library

I was delighted to come upon this book at the library and instantly recognised Sarah Massini's adorable little toddlers. A bunch of similar characters are in the pages of the lovelyBooks Always Everywhere by the same illustrator.

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Love Always Everywhereis a simple, rhyming picture book with a big message about love and friendship.

The charming illustrations feature children,their pets, some teddy bears and a few extras like door mice and bunnies.
The two-word rhyming verse is easy to memorise and predict, offering young listeners a chance to join in with the read-aloud.
Love me
Love you
Love one
Love two
The text describes how love can be loud or quiet,  how it can make us feel shy or proud, or  how it makes us want to giggle together or hug eachother. 

While the text is simple, the engaging illustrations are full of life and fun. We see children sharing familiar activities like building sand castles, going to the park and enjoying ice-cream cones. There's even a bit of bouncing on space-hoppers.

Through charming scenes we see children and their pets play out friendship, caring and togetherness. When a little girl loses her teddy bear, her concerned friends rally round and search for it together. Even the pet dog digs through the sand pit as part of the search.
Love giggle
Love hug

If someone gets hurt, a group hug is just perfect to cheer them up!
The mixed media illustrations are in soft pastels with lovely patterns throughout.There are cute details like the little mouse playing through the pages and love hearts within the pictures. If you have the lovely Books Always Everywhere,see if you can spot it in this book.

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Happy Reading,
Missus B

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