Sunday 28 June 2015

I Love Hugs

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Go on.....try reading this book without having the urge for a quick snuggle!

Book Details
Written by Camilla de la Bedoyere
Editor: Tasha Percy
Designer:Natalie Godwin
QED Publishing 2014
Library copy reviewed

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Hugs, cuddles, snuggles-all are wonderful to share. I Love Hugs features fun facts and adorable photographs. It's time to cuddle up and feel the love.

First double page spread.
The photographs in this book DEFINITELY have the cute factor
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Sharing this book without sharing a cuddle is like eating a donut without licking your lips!

'I Love Hugs' is a cute book which  combines interesting animal facts with endearing photographs and comments about physical affection. The information describes relationships in the animal world, focusing on their social and protective behaviours. It highlights how the instinctive behaviours of animals are often akin to the social behaviours of human beings. 

Each page opens with some playful and affectionate words from the perspective of the animals. On the raccoon page we first read:

We love to hug trees! We are brothers, and holding hands makes us feel all warm inside.
Brotherly love....
This leads on to more factual information:

Mother raccoons have babies once a year. They have three to seven babies at a time, and they look after them in dens they have built in trees.

The photographs are large and clear and each double page spread informs us about one animal- fifteen in all. The author has interpreted the actions and expressions of the animals and matched these with fitting comments e.g. the Northern white-cheeked gibbons have a sad expression and the author writes:

When a friend is feeling sad, just wrap your arms around them and gently squeeze.

The photographs are a collection of animals playing, resting and gathering in their natural habitats featuring groups or parents and their young. The book describes affectionate behaviour and the feelings associated with it e.g. play fights, cosy cuddles, feeling protected & safe , holding hands, feeling warm inside, cuddling for warmth.

C'Meer for a hug!!

What a bunch of cuteness!
The final page gives a heartwarming message, while inviting readers to think about the benefits of affection:

Here are three good reasons for hugging.

A cuddle is a good way to show someone you love them.

A snuggle makes you feel safe and warm.
A hug is worth a hundred words...
Can you think of any more?

This is a lovely read for bedtime, snuggle time or anytime! 

Happy reading, 
Missus B

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