Sunday 28 June 2015

'My Humongous Hamster Goes to School'

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A giant hamster at school?! Oh what fun!

Book Details

Text & illustrations: Lorna Freytag
Published by Picadilly Press 2014
ISBN: 978 1 84812 379 3

Book Description
It's Bring your Pet to School Day! 
‘Freddy brings his fish….. Maisie brings her rabbit' and the narrator brings his pet hamster.
But,escaping from his cage, Hamster decides to tuck into everyone's lunch….
After gobbling  his way through a classroom of  snacks, Hamster begins to grow and grow until, he is HUMONGOUS!
That’s when the trouble begins.
Hamster causes a bit of a stir - breaking furniture, getting in the way during ballet, frightening  the dinner ladies. The adults at school are not impressed, but the children seem to enjoy their big visitor and, although he gets in the way, he is a welcome distraction.
Finally, Hamster  gets himself into trouble with the head teacher and, looking rather sad, he is given a  sympathetic group hug from the children. That cuddly hug must give the hamster a 'snug as a bug feeling’, because pretty soon, he shrinks back down to his normal hamster size.
Why I like this book
Fantastic photographs are manipulated in this book, giving the reader a perfect vision of how school would be, if a giant hamster (or any giant pet) invaded the classroom for a day!
In Goldilocks style, Humongous Hamster sits on a chair and breaks it-teacher wags her finger up at him, while the students love the spectacle. Mayhem continues, with the giant tutu-clad hamster getting in the way during ballet, eating all the artwork and peering into all the classrooms with his giant hamster face.
School children will enjoy this book as the pictures are literally real life, with clever  photography creating a perfect classroom situation (pets in school? pets making school crazy?!) 
Also, Hamster manages to drive the teacher, head teacher and dinner ladies over the edge…….Now, isn’t  that an entertaining day at school?  
In short
The photography in this book beautifully combines typical classroom scenes with, well…with a giant hamster!


Happy reading, 

Missus B

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