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Vegetable Glue

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Author:Susan Chandler

Illustrator: Elena Odriozola

Published by: Meadowside Children's Books, 2004
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Back of Book- 'When my right arm fell off, I knew what to do, I stuck it back on, With Vegetable Glue.' If things start falling off your body, it's time to reach for the Vegetable Glue.

In comical rhyming fashion, we hear the tale of a little girl whose bits keep falling off- because she only eats cake. 
She explains that, by eating our 5 a day, our bodies make a special glue of goodness inside us. But, because she hasn't eaten her greens, she could drop a limb at any moment. Oh dear! 
When she sneezes, her ear pops off. We also see her head rolling away and her arm dropping off.  
To remedy the situation, she is now eating a huge pot of Vegetable Glue, with her granny bringing her a supply of fresh veg to top up on. 
Granny is a prime example of a healthy-vegetable-eater. She jogs into the story looking as fit as a fiddle and nothing near her impressive age- one hundred and four.

This book is a visual delight, with beautiful, quirky illustrations, soft textured colours and lovely patterned details. Tim Burton comes to mind -but less of the spooky and more of the cutey.

A work of comical art. The pictures are some of my all time favourite
picture book illustrations
Why I Love this book
I discovered this little gem about 10 years ago and it is one of my all time favourites. I have fond memories of groups of pre-school children giggling at this story line, joining in with the comical rhyme and enthusiastically discussing the pictures.
The story gives a fun message about eating your greens. Children with a sense of humour will enjoy the amusing illustrations- the ear dashing across the page as the little girl sneezes, her bottom falling off as she makes 'a rude sound.'
The verse makes for a perfect 'read aloud' with a group of children- it is simple, memorable and flows well, inviting the listener to join in with ease. My pre-schoolers were guessing the words after one or two reads. The large sized text and illustrations are also suitably attractive for story time in a group setting.

My favourite page : 'Oops, pardon me, I've made a rude sound. My bottom's
dropped off...And is now... on the ground.'
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews : 'Vegetable Glue'
Overall, this book offers opportunities to discuss healthy eating. Little readers will laugh out loud at the idea of sneezing an ear off, while the image of the super fit grandmother may lead to discussions about the benefits of having a well balanced diet.

In short:
A comical story, with lovely rhyming text, quirky illustrations and a non-preachy message about healthy eating. A Missus B favourite.

Peas Please!
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews: 'Vegetable Glue'

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