Sunday 9 August 2015

Feelings Series: Angry

Written by Sarah Medina
Illustrated by Jo Brooker
Heinemann Raintree Library 2007
Reviewed copy: from my resource shelf at work

Back of Book:
The 'Feelings' series helps readers explore their emotions-what they are, how they recognize them, and appropriate action to take when they have them. The clear text and colourful, humorous illustrations help enhance children's understanding of their feelings and those of other people.

Missus B says...
An excellent tool for developing emotional literacy and helping children to recognise, name and understand feelings.
The inner back of the book gives a helpful 'Note to Parents and Teachers' with some tips about discussing the text and illustrations with children.

There are 24 pages in the book and each of the double-page spread opens with a question. The questions are answered with  five or six simple, short sentences. 

E.g. pages 14 & 15:
Angry Book

Will I Always Feel Angry?
Feelings change all the time. Your angry feelings will not last forever. You will feel better very soon. Sometimes other people may feel angry.  Remember, they will not stay angry for long.

Through ten questions, children can explore the topic of anger and learn things such as: what may happen when we feel angry, how to tell if someone else is angry or things to do when faced with anger.

Angry Book
What is anger?
While the questions can open up discussion, the images also offer lots of talking opportunities. My little listeners like to suggest what the story characters may be thinking, feeling or discussing in each scene. This book has led to some great circle-time discussions and has given me some interesting insight every time I've shared it!

I love, love the illustrations! Each page is filled with colour, texture and some lovely patterned detail. Diverse groups of children  are represented and the characters have a cute, chunky appearance, almost looking like children's drawings.  The scenes are easy for children to relate to with some cute background action- a pair of mice getting up to mischief or the cat and dog sometimes mirroring angry body language. The antics of the animals brings a comedy element to the story e.g. on page ten, a mouse is peeping its head out of a little girls school bag, while another is standing with his arms folded copying the body language of the adult character.

Angry Book
Spot the mischievous little mouse reading under the coffee table!
At the end of the book, there are four photographs of children with different facial expressions and the reader is asked  to describe the feelings in each picture.

This book is an ideal resource in a PSHE/SPHE curriculum.
Happy Reading,
Missus B

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