Monday 3 August 2015

My little Moomin

So... we've been reading books with our little man pretty much since we got home from the hospital.

When the public health nurse visited us during his first week, I was secretly miffed when she said our little man could only see 'blurred shapes.' 'What?' I thought, his eye contact is perfect!! From the moment he was born he looked straight at me, and of course he knew he was looking at his mother! 

He loves his story time and has been looking at, eating, banging and crawling with books since forever. 

Here he is at about 8 weeks

Nightly we read this one by Lynne Chapman, which he dearly loves.....

It's got some great sounds, wonderful illustrations and it's
pages are a nice durable material.
He's almost 13 months now, easily turns the pages himself
and sometimes repeats the sounds.

I love watching him handling books-even if he pulls a paper back, non-kiddy book off one of our book shelves, I feel so pleased to see him manipulate the pages so well (before the slobbering/banging sets in!)

Tried my best to get him to read more of this one...
but he was having none of it!
We call him our 'little Moomin' and Santa brought him his very own one
 last xmas. Santa had to search really hard to find a blue eyed Moomin!

Here he is today, reading the lovely 'Guess how much I Love you'


We love him to the moon and back :)

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