Saturday 1 August 2015

Underpants Wonderpants

Written by Peter Bently & Illustrated by Deborah Melmon

Parragon Books 2013
Reviewed copy-my own!
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The book
'Underpants Wonderpants' is the rhyming story of a Superhero dog who can solve any problem with his creative thinking and surplus stock of underpants.

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Who would have thought that a pair of Y-Fronts could have so many uses?! 

Stitched together with some boxer shorts, they can make a colourful hammock.

Sewn to a rod, they make a handy fishing net. 

And, if they're large enough, they make a perfect parachute.

But, of course, it takes a superhero genius to come up with these clever ideas. 

So.......ladies and gentlemen...allow me to  introduce a  'Super-Pants Star', the one and only.... 

(capital letters well and truly deserved!)

Whenever you need him,
in Sun, Snow or Shower,
he'll sort out your problems
"Elephant sat on our nest!"
grumbles Mouse.
"No problem!"
An underpants house!
Well, at least the home wrecking elephant has the manners to blush in embarrassment!
'Underpants Wonderpants'  is a Superhero Dog who owns  whole lot of underpants. He uses them to rescue a damsel in distress, to  protect a bear cub from a storm and as a sling-shot to send some pesky aliens back into outer space. Dressed in his red cape and of course, super-hero underpants, he is always available when a catastrophe occurs. Along with his side kick- a mallard duck, his heroism doesn't go unnoticed and in the final pages we see a lovely statue has been erected in his honour.

Perfect for circle time,the rhyming text, makes for a great read-aloud.The illustrations are lively, detailed and offer much to admire- from the patterned jocks to the animated faces of the characters our super hero rescues. Every page is full of vibrant colour and lots of action.
Kangaroo has been itching all night....but  'Zap' thanks to Underpants Wonderpants, he can sleep
in an airy hammock made of boxer shorts.

My little listeners had a right old giggle with this book and it appealed to their toilet humour- who can pass up an opportunity to joke about your smalls? (or your Bigs if your me.) Some of the girls were a bit disappointed though, at the lack of frilly panties (most of the underwear does seem to be jocks and boxer shorts)- but the floral and fruity patterns were a consolation. 

In short
This is a funny, rhyming read, with lively illustrations and uncomplicated text. A great book for read-aloud with a group. 
And, thank you Bently & Melmon for providing my husband with a great reference book when he wants to slag me off about my over sized knickers! 

Happy Reading,
Missus B

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