Tuesday 21 July 2015

Daddy, Papa, and Me

Written by Leslea Newman. Illustrated by Carol Thompson

Tricycle Press 2009
ISBN 978-1-58246-262-2
(reviewed copy is from my personal resource library)

'Daddy, Papa, and Me' is a short, rhyming, board book narrated by a young toddler.
A variety of parent-child interactions are described, all of which are play based and represent a warm and caring family.
Simple, rhyming text makes for a lovely  read-aloud in 'Daddy, Papa, and Me'
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Dressing up, flying paper planes, baking or painting- each page describes an activity and has a brightly coloured, corresponding illustration. 
The playful scenes capture interactions that all children can relate to, no matter what their family type. And that's the beauty of this book- it shows how play, love and together-time are the essence of family. The story high lights how parental love is universal, no matter what the sex of a parent may be.
An important book for a classroom library which represents diversity .
Check out 'Mommy, Mama, and Me' also.

Happy reading, 
Missus B
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