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Following Rules-Citizenship

Book Details
Author: Cassie Mayer
Editorial: Cassie Mayer& Charlotte Guillain.
Illustrations: Mark Beech
Published by: Curious Fox/Capstone Global Library 2008
ISBN 978 1 782 02298 5
Library Copy

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Book Description
Back of Book-‘Why is following the rules important? Read this book and find out! Books in this series introduce children to the character values that embody citizenship. In Following Rules, children view various situations that demonstrate the importance of following rules. Playful, engaging illustrations are used to reinforce understanding of the concepts.’

As described in it’s blurb, this book shows children in various group settings demonstrating how to follow the rules.
There is an explanation of what it means to follow the rules:

Following rules means doing things the right way.

Following rules makes it fair for everyone.

Citizenship: Following Rules
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
There are seven brightly illustrated examples of 'following rules’ and in the final pages the question 'How do you follow the rules?’ is asked. Following this is an 'Activity’ page which includes an illustration of a group of children with the question- 'How are these children following the rules?’

My thoughts on this book:

A useful book for opening up discussions about social behaviour, personal responsibility and  self reflection. The messages are simple and the book talks directly to the child reader, giving clear examples of how to follow the rules e.g. 'When you think about road are following the rules.' 

Illustrations show children participating in typical activities such raising a hand before talking in class, walking quietly in the corridor, asking a parent/adult for permission to do something. The pages show how rules are an important part of life in various settings- while playing with peers, in school, at home or out and about in the community. 

Text is large and clear and each page spread gives one example or makes one point- a suitable page layout for younger children allowing them to absorb one idea at a time.

Citizenship: Following Rules
Missus B's  Picture Book Reviews
The book delivers a short reading time experience and the examples of rules are pretty straight froward and obvious. However, this book could be used as an introduction to group discussion at circle time. It is a  handy resource in the classroom, offering opportunities to explore social thinking. and to encourage children to agree on rules and expectations within their particular setting.

'Activity'-having a discussion about rules
Citizenship: Following Rules
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
This series of books support the Social, Personal and Health Education Curriculum.
Happy reading, 
Missus B

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