Monday 6 July 2015

Too Many Tickles

Get ready for a ticklish story time!

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Author : Thomas Taylor
Illustrator: Penny Dann *
Macmillan Children's Books 2014
Library Copy

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From Mum's swirly-whirly tummy button tickles to Dad's great big side-grabbers there's no escaping the tickles in this house...
This tickle-tastic book will have children bursting with laughter. 

Missus B says:

A sweet and fun read which celebrates the playful side of family life. If you enjoy giving or receiving tickles, this book will have you trying out some tickle tactics such as 'side-grabbers'  or  'slightly squeezy-behind-the kneesy tickles.' 

Too Many Tickles Book Review
Waking up with tickles!
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'Too Many Tickles'
This short story is narrated by two young siblings who describe how they 'giggle and wriggle' and 'dodge and dash' to avoid the tickles they get from Mum, Dad, Grandmother and Grandfather. Throughout the book, we see a fun-filled, loving home with the children launching a tickle attack on the adults in the final pages.But, it doesn't end there, at bed-time, even the family pets join in, with the cat giving tail tickles and the dog giving lick tickles. 
Too Many Tickles Book Review
Licky dog tickles!
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'Too Many Tickles'
The illustrations in this book are a real delight. Soft, bright colours capture some lovely family scenes with lots of foreground and background action. There are plenty of cute and quirky details going on- from the framed feather hanging in the bedroom (a tickle weapon!) to the worm poking it's head up in the garden (as Grandpa gives 'squirmy-like-a-wormy' tickles.) As Mum gives her 'swirly-whirly' tickles in the bedroom, we see her tongue stuck out in mischievous delight while in the background, an array of cuddly toys are tumbling off the beds. In the kitchen, Gran's 'easy-teasy-slightly-squeezy' tickles cause a bit of morning mayhem, with breakfast cereal scattering and the milk spilling. Meanwhile, the table-surfing dog is happily devouring the toast!The activities of the pets bring added energy to the story-they are there on every page, joining in with the fun- scurrying about and happily following the action. Mostly they act like typical household pets, but on one page  they mirror the tip-toeing of the little boy and girl, reinforcing the fact that they are truly part of this family. 

Too Many Tickles Book Review
Time to launch a tickle attack on the adults!
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'Too Many Tickles'
This playful story is partly written in rhyme and to add emphasis, text varies in size and shape e.g. curly large font, wriggling sentences or words made up of tiny curling details. 

Too Many Tickles Book Review
Grandpa and his 'Make-us-squirmy-like-a-wormy-under-the-ear-right-here tickles!'
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'Too Many Tickles'
What I like most about this book, is what it makes you do. It's hard to read it without having the strong urge to give a good tickle! And maybe you will come up with a few new tickling tactics of your own.

Story-Time..... Tickle-Time....Together-Time..... there's a lot to enjoy when you share this book with a little person.

Happy tickling!

Missus B.
* I plucked this lovely book off my local library shelf and, in trying to learn more about the author and illustrator, I was saddened to read that Penny Dann illustrator, passed away in December 2014. The author of this book Thomas Taylor , has written a touching tribute here.

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