Saturday 11 July 2015

Meet the Parents

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A celebration of the glorious and the grubby side of parenting!

Book Details 
Author: Peter Bently-winner of the Roald Dahl funny prize

Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie, illustrator of ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’

Published by Simon & Schuster 2014

Reviewed copy-library copy


Back of  Book: 'Parents are surprising. You think that they’re just there to boss you about, but did you know they are also targets for ketchup? And tent poles for dens that are wonky? And towels for wiping your grime on? In this book you’ll discover many other handy uses for your parents-and find out what they love best. Apart from you, of course.

As described in it’s blurb, this book is a humourous reminder of the perks of having a Mum or Dad.

With rhyming text and charming, funny illustrations, this books celebrates all that parents do (and put up with!

I tucked into this book after our son’s bedtime- and I type this with his porridge from this morning still caked on my sleeve (I bet there’s snot on there too- hopefully his, possibly mine). My husband is on the sofa opposite- with a slightly swollen eye/recovering stye from when said son lovingly poked him two days ago.

And, here, in every page of 'Meet the Parents’, I see a little bit of us.

In comical rhyming fashion & hilarious illustrations, Bentley & Ogilvie have captured both the glorious and the grubby side of parenting.

Feel like you’re being physically assaulted when you share the sofa with your toddlers? There’s a page for you.

Your little one INSISTED on bringing their scooter & teddy to the shops- and on the way home you  get stuck with carrying  the shopping…the scooter….the teddy and finally the little one-  LIKE  A  DONKEY?! Yes, there’s a page for you my friend.

All dressed up and ready to leave for that dinner/wedding/important meeting (any event that requires matching or clean clothing) Then  SMUDGE - that grubby toddler hand print on your lovely attire? Yup- you’re in this book.  

But, oh the sweet stuff is in here too!

Getting home from the office, loosening your tie and being 'Horsey’ for your little ones….

Taking your child to the game, putting him up on your shoulders and feeling his warm hands on your head , neck, ears as you enjoy it together….

Watching your child laugh as you whirl and twirl them about….


Bedtime stories……


It’s all in this wonderfully entertaining read for both children and parents. No doubt, both readers will relate to and appreciate the lively depictions of family life.

The rhythm is perfect . I LOVE LOVE  rhyming books- how lovely is it to almost sing a story with your child? What a fun way for a child to build their literacy skills e.g. memorizing words & making connections between similar sounding words.

Ogilvie’s illustrations are bright and engaging, with details you and/or the child reader will enjoy lingering over.  The pictures simply and beautifully capture a range of facial emotions - stress , glee and everything in between.We can even interpret the feelings of the household pets (see cat on cover for perfect example.) Ogilvie has fantastically captured funny family moments with comical detail.

In short 

This book is a warm tribute to all Mums and Dads out there and and it’s illustrations comically capture a diverse group of children and adults engaging in typical day to day activities-a Missus B favourite.

Lovely rhyming text with wonderful illustrations make this a joy to read!

Happy reading,

Missus B

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