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There are cats in this book

A fun, interactive story with 3 playful cat characters

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Written, illustrated & designed by :Viviane Schwarz
Walker Books 2008
Reviewed copy:   Library Copy
The Book
This is fun and interactive lift-the-flap book. Three friendly cat characters -Moonpie, Tiny and Andre, want to play with you the reader. As the flaps are lifted, the playful characters get to play with some balls of wool, have a pillow fight and hide inside cardboard boxes. Throughout the book, the cat characters talk directly to the reader, encouraging page turns and drawing you into their cat mischief.

More from Missus B (and a video review from my little nephew below)

This is a FUN book! 

(Doing things backwards, I discovered Viviane Schwarz' 'Is there a dog in this book' before reading this's another fun read! Check out my review here)

In the  opening blue page, we read that 'The cats aren't on this page.' 

On the second page, the author writes :

The cats aren't on this page either. They're on the next page. They'd love to play with you. They're very friendly. 

We see three cat bowls with the names Moonpie, Tiny and Andre. And on turning the next page, we first meet our cute cats, hiding under a blanket 
(in the form of a flap) 

It seems they weren't expecting us....

'Huh?' says the sleepy, one-eyed Tiny
Waking up, Tiny says 'Hello. Who are YOU?'
'Are you NICE?' Moonpie smiles, while Andre decides 'You Look nice.'
When I read the opening pages to my five year old nephew, he looked up at me with a satisfied and expectant grin- his expression saying 'This is gonna be GOOD'
And.... it was....we thoroughly enjoyed this book.    
Tiny, Moonpie and Andre are three busy and playful cats. In order to get down to their antics, they need you to help them out, by turning pages and lifting flaps. With large text bubbles, each character talks through the story which includes throwing balls of wool, playing with cardboard boxes, a pillow fight and an unexpected flood wave. 

Winking, grinning, stretching, jumping, purring-each cat is full of personality! While one is asking you to 'Quick, turn another page!' another is getting his paws tucked into some 'lovely tangly wool.' While Tiny says 'Let's go back to the wool!' , Moonpie has a better idea involving cardboard boxes (on the next page) 

Moonpie has spotted some cardboard boxes and wants you to turn the page
Before you know it, you are rescuing them from a flood wave, drying them with a towel and tucking them into bed, and of course there's a pillow fight for good measure!

Pillow Fight!
The illustrations in this book are full of colour and humour and for each lift of a flap, the scene cleverly changes. Every page is a delight but for me the cutest pages were these two...

After rescuing the cats from a flood wave, they ask that you dry off their soggy fur.
'Just blow on the page' Tiny says
My little reader loved that by blowing on the page, he fluffed up the cats fur.
Overall I love the style and originality of this book. Not your typical peek-a-boo style lift-the-flap, this is a clever little master-piece. The text is simple and easy to read with some fun words like 'Oof' and 'Biff'

It's a fun, entertaining read and  a Missus B favourite. See a child reviewing the book on my YouTube channel here

Happy reading,
Missus B

Make your own knitted or paper cut outs of these lovely characters at Vivian Schwarz' Fun and Freebies Page

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