Monday 6 July 2015

I Dare You Not To Yawn

How can a reader refuse an invitation like that?!

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Written by Helene Boudreau
Illustrated by Serge Bloch
Walker Books 2014 edition (first published in 2013)
Library Copy

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Quick! Cover your mouth! Because if your arms stretch up, your eyes squish tight and your mouth opens w-i-d-e....
Oh know what happens next don't you!

The Book

Yawns can creep up on you anytime. And before you know it, you're told to go upstairs and get your PJs on. This book suggests some tips to help you avoid yawning- LOOK AWAY from other yawners, STAY AWAY form huggy snuggly things and AVOID bedtime stories. In comical , child-like illustrations with bright colours and muted patterns we see the narrator try to escape from anything which could trigger a yawn. But, all this talking about yawning only leads to one thing.... By the end of the book our little character is tucked up in bed.
'See? I told you. Yawns are sneaky.'
Let one out and the next thing you know, you're bundled off to bed!
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
'I Dare You Not To Yawn.'

More from Missus B:
It's kinda hard not to yawn while reading this book. It's definitely hard not to giggle. Of course, the fact that you have yawned, will just make you giggle some more. Its a delightfully vicious cycle really!
This is a cute and funny book. The young character does not want to go to bed, but those sneaky yawns just keep popping out....

There you are, minding your own business, building the tallest block tower in the history of the universe or dressing up the cat, when suddenly your arms stretch up, your eyes squish tight, your mouth opens wide, your tongue curls back and - mmm...rrr...yawwrrr-a yawn pops out.

Looking petulant and defiant our little man is whisked off to bed by his Mum. After grumpily donning his pyjamas and listening to a bed time story, he lays there in complete darkness (a lovely inky black double page spread with only two white eyes visible.) He wonders "How did I get here?" 

In comical illustrations, the character warns that seeing your siblings or pets yawn, could be risky business and he covers his eyes to avoid the sight. He breaks into a mild sweat as he marches away from his snuggly items:

Stay away from huggable stuffed animals,

soft cosy pyjamas and your favourite 
blankie, because-
these can make you feel snuggly.

Avoid all items that give you that snuggly, sleepy feeling!
Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
'I Dare You Not To Yawn'
Warning us to avoid bedtime stories and lullabies, he suggests that if a yawn does sneak up, it MUST NOT escape! But, no matter how much he tries to clamp his mouth shut, the mighty yawn wins the battle and we see it in its wide- mouthed glory on one of the final pages.
Those sneaky yawns are hard to control.
'Quick, cover your mouth-mmpprff!-to keep it from escaping.'

Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
'I Dare You Not To Yawn'
 I love how the illustrations in this book perfectly capture Bedtime Resistance. The body language and facial expressions between the boy and his mum will be familiar to anyone who has participated in bedtime battles. Despite all his efforts to avoid going to sleep , the character does appear to be contentedly snoozing on the final page however (a positive message about sleeping bringing some balance for anyone who is fed up with said battles!)  For the main of this story, we get a lovely blend of sleepy snuggly feelings along with the drama of trying to suppress a yawn. Also, the fun sounds such as ' mmm...rrr..yawwrrr', 'mmpprff' make this a fun read-aloud experience. 

And that's the beauty of this book- while it's narrator is anti-bedtime, all this talk about yawning and snuggly stuff induces a sleepy, yawny, happy feeling. You WILL yawn when you read it!

Perfect for bedtime reading and a giggle before the lights go out.

Missus B's Picture Book Reviews
'I Dare You Not To Yawn'
Happy reading,
Missus B

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